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    Victor Ashkenazi, lauded by Bloomberg as America's Best Backgammon Player since 2016, holds the singular distinction of being the only Backgammon Grandmaster Level 0 in the US history and the highest-ranked US Backgammon Giant since 2016.


    In 2023, Victor became the No. 1 Backgammon player in the world according to the WBGF, a system that ranks players based on their live tournament results. To this day, Victor remains one of the most accomplished players in modern backgammon history, with over 30 worldwide tournament wins under his belt and more than 40 appearances in the finals.


    Victor's notable wins include the Las Vegas Open in 2007, the New York Open in 2009, 2012, and 2023. In 2012, he also won the Tampa Open and the Masters in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. In 2013, Victor was selected for the "World vs. Denmark" annual event and represented the World team for three consecutive years. In 2015, Victor won the Queen City Cup. In 2016, he was the captain of the U.S. Team at the Backgammon World Cup held in Tbilisi, Georgia. Victor won both the Connecticut Open and Connecticut Masters in 2016, the Boston Masters and Michigan Masters in 2017, and the Chicago Masters in 2018. In 2019, Victor won the Buffalo Masters and came second in the Chicago Open. In 2020, Victor won the San Antonio Masters and the biggest online tournament at the time, the Cyprus Open, as well as numerous online events during the pandemic year of 2021. In 2022, Victor won the Chicago Masters.


    2023, often called "the year of Ashkenazi," further solidified Victor's legacy in the annals of backgammon. Not only did he secure his third title at the New York Open and repeat his victory at the Chicago Masters, he also won the DC Super Jackpot, and was a finalist at the New York and San Antonio Super Jackpot events. His year was punctuated with victories in the Doubles at San Antonio, Last Chance events in Loutraki (Greece) and Cyprus, culminating in a spectacular run to the undefeated finals at the World Championship of Backgammon in Monte Carlo.


    In 2024, Victor won the attendance-record-breaking Cherry Blossom Backgammon Championship in Washington, DC.
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